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“Connie gets you to shift your business mindset and guides you to a profitable, sustainable system, making it fun along the way!” Amy L. Kelly, Owner of Accept, Live, Love



Connie Vanderzanden is an advocate for women seeking lasting financial success in business, and the creator of the Going Beyond Revenue cash handling system. Her financial know-how spans over 30 years of accounting and bookkeeping experience, a variety of industry knowledge, and her own business growth journey.

Both as a speaker and as an accounting professional, Connie understands that business owners simply aren’t hardwired to understand numbers the same way accountants are. Through real-life scenarios and a dose of humor, Connie will show your audience how to turn their businesses around so they can support their families and fund the life of their dreams.

Keynote Topics Include:


Financial Freedom for Entrepreneurs: Healing Emotional Habits that Keep You Broke


Learn how to stop hustling and shift your “Money Identity” so it helps instead of hurts. By the end of this presentation, your audience will feel empowered and excited by their money! One key takeaway is knowing which cash-handling actions to take in order to feel prosperous and secure.


A Surprising Approach to Becoming Debt Free


Eliminating debt does not mean sacrificing everything in order to get ahead. In this presentation, Connie will show your audience how to break the cycle of feeling like there’s never “enough” and give them a surprising technique to quickly pay off their debts and transform their finances. Key takeaways include how to break the cycle of feeling like there's never "enough", and a surprising technique to quickly pay off debts.


The Revenue Trap: How to Make More, Keep More, & Feel Good About Money


Connie will teach your audience the basics of her Going Beyond Revenue cash-handling system, with real-life examples of the system in action. Key takeaways include ways to reduce debt, how to increase owner’s pay, and how to feel good about money ― now and in the future.

All topics can be adapted to your specific needs, from webinars to lunch ‘n learns to breakout sessions and more. For more information or to book Connie for your next event, simply fill out the form below.

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