If you’ve ever wondered...

  • Why is my bank account always empty, even though my sales are high?
  • How long until my business can financially support me and my family?
  • Where’s the money for ___________ going to come from?!

...you’re in the right place.

Who You Are


You’re respected in your field.

You’re making a huge impact in the world, and you make great money in the process.

People seek you out - to listen to you, to learn from you, to hire you.

A few years ago, you branched out from having a J.O.B. to be your own boss, knowing that your opportunities for success would be much greater this way. (And you’re not wrong.)

But now, a few years into running this thing, you’re wondering - what is this cash-eating monster I’ve created?!

Making the money is no problem at all, but it goes out as fast as it comes in, and even though the business might be able to sustain itself most of the time, it can’t sustain you and your family - which was the whole reason you started it in the first place.

The mountain of debt it’s creating is starting to rack up. And it’s deeply embarrassing.

vida coworking office

“Profit isn’t accidental. It’s planned.”

Hey there, I’m Connie – Cash Flow & Business Mentor.


When I first grew my business, I did so without any type of plan. Fast forward to my sixth year of being in business, and I was $50k in debt. To top it off, all I had really contributed to my family’s household over that period was an average of $4,500/year.

At first, I was embarrassed. After all, I was running an accounting business, and prior to opening its doors I’d been working in the industry for my entire career. And yet I still managed to get so lost in the hustle and bustle of growing the business that I completely ignored my own numbers.

Despite the deep shame that I carried with me, I’ve since come to understand that this is all part of my mission and purpose to help other entrepreneurs:

By having lived it, I create and hold the space for those who are currently experiencing it.

By having found the way out myself, I now support others in doing the same.