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Love + Money = Magic

Reading Time: 7 minutes Love + Money = Magic All relationships take a little work. by Connie VanderzandenDo you desire to create a good relationship with Money? This is just one of the topics that I work with clients on: nurturing their relationship with Money.  But what does “Love Your Money” really mean?  Please note: if you are triggered by […]

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A Money Story with Monsters, Magic, and Mindset

Reading Time: 6 minutes Monsters, Magic, and Mindset: A Money Story by Connie VanderzandenSit back and relax. I’m going to share a little story with you. A “once upon a time” kind of fable – full of mindset trolls and ego vampires. But don’t worry, the heroine prevails! With a sprinkling of magical dust that contains clarity and awareness! I’ll share the […]

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