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Ways to Create Sustainability in Business & Life

Reading Time: 4 minutes Ways to Create Sustainability in Business & Life by Connie VanderzandenIn the past, I have totally been caught up in the NEW energy of the year. Goal setting. Starting new habits. Then around mid-February, my Ego (Joe!) would come and loudly kick my ass for the lack of follow-through. That pattern does not work for me. […]

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Growing Your Business? Get Out of Your Own Way

Reading Time: 6 minutes Growing Your Business? Get Out of Your Own Way by Connie VanderzandenWhen you’re growing your business, there’s only one word that separates success from failure.I learned this lesson myself during the growth phase of my business.As I look back, I can easily see the strides forward I made. Being IN the moment though, it kept feeling […]

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Floundering in Paper? Reasons this Happens & Survival Tips

Reading Time: 5 minutes Floundering in Paper? 4 Survival Tips for Becoming Paperless by Connie VanderzandenGoing completely paperless for a business can be a little mind blowing and incredibly empowering at the same time. I know, because I took that brain-twisted journey myself several years ago.My business is 95% paperless, thanks to moving our office from commercial space with tons […]

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