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A Money Story with Monsters, Magic, and Mindset

Monsters, Magic, and Mindset: A Money Story by Connie VanderzandenSit back and relax. I’m going to share a little story with you. A “once upon a time” kind of fable – full of mindset trolls and ego vampires. But don’t worry, the heroine prevails! With a sprinkling of magical dust that contains clarity and awareness! I’ll share the […]

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Tough-Love Ways to Increase Your Profit

Tough-Love Ways to Increase Your Profit by Connie VanderzandenRecently, I was having a conversation with a fellow business owner about the Going Beyond Revenue Cash Handling System, when they asked me a question that stopped ME in my tracks.(Hint: this is often where a third party, one that isn’t emotionally attached to your business, makes for […]

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Floundering in Paper? Reasons this Happens & Survival Tips

Floundering in Paper? 4 Survival Tips for Becoming Paperless by Connie VanderzandenGoing completely paperless for a business can be a little mind blowing and incredibly empowering at the same time. I know, because I took that brain-twisted journey myself several years ago.My business is 95% paperless, thanks to moving our office from commercial space with tons […]

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